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Croatan Sound

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Some band History. This band was created two years ago with three original members of the band "Vision"which inclueds the bass"Ray"guitarist"Eric"& drummer "Michael" these three have been playing together for over 20 Yrs. Two years ago we added lead guitarist "Jeff" & keyboards " Scott" which now makes up the current Croatan Sound. The unique element that seems to work for us is all 5 members sing,which creates a great varitey of music we can offer plus! our originals. When we were trying to come up with a name it was hard you would not think so but it is, we had a few.So we turned to the dictionary thats always a last resort & Croatan Sound was picked out of the hat. Will last year was James Towns 400th anniversary & basicly the U.S.A's 400th,but we did not even think about this to start with, but then Croatan Sound the body of water that divides VA & NC on the coastal waters came up in the news somehow then my brother found his 4th grade history book a older one. Croatan was the only clue to the people that vanished off of Roanoke Island and it was writen was on a tree,this was our first attemp you can say to settle North America. Croatan is a Native American Tribe-check this history out its to much to write here. But what was strange is we live in a city called "Roanoke" and the island that people vanished from is "Roanoke Island"and it was the 400th anniversary of James Town & VA,now Roanoke Island was a little earlier but still weird. So we came up with this to tell you, what you should expect from us. A newly charged blend of music,with a taste of yesterdays & todays vibe. Croatan Sound is what your longing to hear!! Blues,Classic Rock,Southern Rock, & Current Rock plus our own Originals,even some Country. Like I said all 5 of us sing so this is all joined together to make our own sound as well, inclueding harmonies and switching of instruments with each other. There's no comparison to our genre with the potential to draw a mature,responsible,enlightened audience to your establishment or private party. Guaranteed to have the place Rocking & much like the Native Croatan's our presence will be remembered with a lasting impact!!! Just like the word CROATAN was the only clue to the Lost Colony at Roanoke Island so are we " A New Found Sound "
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