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Farm Vegas

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Farm Vegas is an up-and-coming rock and roll quintet from the music-rich riverbeds of Richmond Virginia. Weaving elements of rock, soul, Americana, and blues into a musical tapestry all their own, Farm Vegas has crafted a unique sound that is at once modern yet classic, refreshing yet familiar. In a day and age when musical careers are launched by TV placements and best-selling singers donít actually sing at all, Farm Vegas has avoided the shortcuts that jump-start but ultimately compromise a bandís career. Shying away from the traditional help of big management, radio airplay, and label support, the band has put together a fiercely-loyal regional following the old-fashion way-- by delivering electrifying live shows night after night-- one college at a time, one club at a time, one city at a time. Farm Vegas is a reminder that bands can still have successful careers away from the glare of the national spotlight.
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